Why Ireland?

Less than a 1/2% Irish are evangelical. Less than a 1/2% Irish are evangelical.

Ireland has a very rich christian heritage.  Patricus, also known as St. Patrick, took the gospel to the emerald isle in the 5th century.  Ireland has the distinction of being one of the only countries in world history to receive the gospel without bloodshed.  There are no known Irish martyrs for the gospel.

As a result of Patrick's vision and passion, the gospel was spread throughout Ireland.  In turn, it was the the Irish who were responsible for re-evangelizing the world after the fall of the Roman Empire and all the libraries of Rome and Western Europe were destroyed by Gaul's marauders.

However, what once was an intense beacon of the gospel has become a dark, post-christian nation. The ancient paths emblazened by Patrick and his followers have become darkened and forgotten.



The church in China is growing 50x faster than the church in Ireland.  Evangelicals make up less than 0.5% of the population. 

Although the stated religion of the Republic of Ireland is Roman Catholic less than 10% even attend mass.  The Irish have little faith in religion or its message.  It has failed them in many of its forms.

Jacob Reynolds, director of the Irish Bible Institute, makes thess observations,

  • ?This generation has given up on religion, but not on God. We?re afraid though that the next generation will give up on God.?
  • This is the first generation in a thousand years prepared to hear the Gospel.
  • ?Irish culture has gone straight from pre-modernism to post-modernism. From agricultural to technological all within 20 years.?
  • ?You must touch people?s hearts before you can touch their minds with the gospel.?

Phil Kingsley, a 20-year veteran church planter in Ireland expresses the following sentiment:

  • ?There are lots of Catholic-Atheists.?
  • ?The Irish have never heard the Gospel in a way that?s ?good news? to them. In order for the Gospel to be spread, we must bring the Gospel to the Irish in a way that it is ?good news? to them.?
  • ?Two ways to reach the Irish: God?s Word and Relationships.?

Marten McCormack, Irish pastor in Dublin notes:

  • ?The youth (25yrs and younger) are very open, very ignorant of the Gospel. They?re interested in the Gospel, but not church.?
  • ?Ireland has a hard time reconciling the Gospel with the church. The people are desperately skeptical of what we?re presenting. They need to know that Christ can meet them where they are.?

Irish pastor for 17 years in north Dublin, Rob Millar, states:

  • ?One of the great needs in Ireland ? church planting. Dublin needs a massive injection of workers and church planters.? 
    ?This church is the only evangelical church within a 2 mile radius of 200,000 people.?

It is our  mission and vision to return to the ancient paths once walked by ancient Lightbearers, and again vanquish the darkness by shining the true Light of the Gospel.  The Light that transforms lives and give power for living...the Light that is Jesus. 

John 8:12 - When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, ?I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.?