Rick's Life Story...

Rick's Mom & Dad on the far right with the rest of the family. Rick's Mom & Dad on the far right with the rest of the family.

Rick grew up in northern Kentucky where his parents attended Calvary Baptist Church. With Warren Weirsbe as senior pastor, Rick?s father was a deacon, and both his mother and father were youth workers and involved in the music ministry. Rick?s parents have been married for over 40 years.

Rick has attended Calvary since he was in the nursery. It was during the Spring of 1972, when dynamic evangelist Fred Brown preached a gospel message. It was then that Rick realized he was a sinner, one whose relationship with God was broken, and as a result was bound for eternal condemnation apart from the true and holy God. Later that night Rick was led to place his trust 100% in Jesus Christ and His work (perfect life, sacrificial death and supernatural resurrection) as his means of salvation and God reconciled him to eternal life and relationship with God.

Rick was baptized later that year to signify his commitment to Christ and the salvation which Jesus has provided to him. Rick continued to attend CBC, under the instruction and leadership of Dr. Warren Weirsbe, Pastor Galen Call, Dr. Randall Faulkner, Dr. Charles Wagner, and currently under Dr. Curtis Degraaff.


During Rick?s school days he attended Calvary Christian School from inception in 1972 through graduation. CCS is the Christian school ministry of Calvary Baptist Church. While at CCS Rick was involved in traveling music ensembles and had his first cross-cultural mission experience in 1983, a trip to Ecuador, South America. He was also involved heavily in athletics, lettering in varsity soccer and basketball 3 years each.

After graduating CCS as valedictorian with honors in 1985, Rick attended Liberty University, Virginia where he majored in Pre-medical Science (Biology). Rick was on track to lead his own life. He was on top?controlling his own destiny. But, he had made a big mistake, a lapse in judgment. After only 1 years Rick returned home to finish his Pre-med requirements at Northern Kentucky University.

Palmer College of Chiropractic, Iowa Palmer College of Chiropractic, Iowa

In 1989, Rick enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic. While at Palmer Rick strayed even further from the Lord. He had turned his back on his faith to experience what the world had to offer.

Even through this time of Rick?s unfaithfulness to God, God was faithful.

When Rick reached the end of himself he began attending Grandview Baptist Church in Davenport, Iowa. It was then that Rick gave up on himself and began to allow God to work in his life again.

One Sunday evening, he recalls having a beautiful girl ask him to sit by her in church. After church, he offered to ride her to a College ?get-together? on his motorcycle to which she consented. The rest is history. Jennifer Osborn and Rick were engaged 5 months later and married a year after that on August 10, 1991.

Rick graduated from Palmer University, College of Chiropractic with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree in October 1992. Rick and Jen then returned to northern Kentucky to practice chiropractic.

Upon return to Kentucky, the newlywed couple returned to Calvary Baptist Church, Rick?s ?home church?. Shortly after they returned Rick?s dad started a new ?young couples Sunday school class.? Rick and Jen became members of CBC on 2/1/1993.

Rick went through three job transitions as he gained practice experience, all in the greater Cincinnati area. During that time the young couple experience some tough times of growth but also the excitement of the birth of their first son, Mitchell Alexander in July, 1994

In July of 1995 Rick went into practice for himself with a partner, Dr. Kelly King. Rick currently continues to work with Dr. King in a nice practice in Florence, KY.

The Boys are great little skiers... The Boys are great little skiers...

Over the ensuing years at Calvary Rick began to get involved with church ministry. He has sung in the church choir, as a soloist, and in small ensembles, played trombone and bass trombone in the orchestra, and has led worship as substitute congregational worship leader, and praise band leader.

In 1998 Rick began taking on some teaching responsibilities with his dad?s adult Sunday School Class, Foundation Class (couples of 20-40 yrs old)

Over the next couple of years more additions were made to the Peace family. Two more sons were born to Rick and Jen, Christian ? born in August of 1998 and Spencer ? born in June of 2000.

In 2001 Rick became the full-time teacher of the Foundation Class, when his father assumed another teaching position. This class has grown from 15 couples to 40 couples and also birthed a new younger couples class. Currently Rick is responsible for about 40 couples.

Daddy's lil' punkin' Daddy's lil' punkin'

In 2003 Rick and Jen completed 100 hours of training for marriage mentoring/counseling at CBC. Rick continues to be very involved with the church music and Sunday school ministries. He also has a burden for personal discipling and community outreach. His passion for God's Word has led to his being a Gideon for the past few years.

In 2003, Rick witnessed the birth of the most beautiful baby girl in history! Alison Elisabeth (Ali) was born on March 23...and she's had her daddy wrapped around her little finger ever since. Rick says, "I want to spoil her so bad that nobody else will want to take her from me!" He fully gives all of his children to God...and prays that they too will be powerful "Kid Missionaries"!

Kenya, East Africa 2005 Kenya, East Africa 2005

Rick?s Personal Call to missions:
Since childhood Rick?s family attended missions conferences annually at Calvary. He had the opportunity to participate in Cross-cultural missions while in high school to Ecuador and at liberty on a ministry trip to Harlem/NYC. It was about 8 years ago that CBC had Dr. Michael Loftis (ABWE President) as their keynote speaker. During his messages he challenged Rick to be available for God whenever, wherever, to do whatever. Jen felt the same challenge and in independent unity committed to that W/W/W challenge.

With Jen?s support at home, God led to short- term missions to the fields of Romania-1998, Ukraine-1998, and Romania-2001. During these team trips Rick?s desire for mission work intensified. Over the next several years Jen and Rick had several missionaries in their home during conferences. This really got them thinking about the possibility of dedicated career missions.

In January 2005 Rick went on another short-term mission assignment to Kenya, Africa. It was there in Kenya that Rick re-committed to the W/W/W promise, but God said wait?not Africa or Eastern Europe.

The fire for missions was still hot?then only two months later, Rick?s friend, then youth pastor at Calvary, Mark Jones, cast his vision, God?s vision that the epicenter of a global revival could be in Ireland.

Sometimes you just have to jump and trust! Sometimes you just have to jump and trust!

God had prepared Rick?s heart to accept this vision. He clearly understood the God?s W/W/W is Now.
Rick and Jen began to pray and seek godly counsel and the Lord?s leading. God has brought unity of heart for Jen & Rick and an excitement to see what God will do. This couple is just walking after God?s will, one step at a time.

The vision is to reach Ireland with the true Light of the gospel of Jesus Christ?and spread it like wildfire across G.B. and Europe.

They are praying together that once again the ancient paths of Ireland which were once lit by the Good News brought by Patrick and which transformed a pagan nation, will once again be fully brightened, carrying the Gospel of Jesus.


Rick's Hobbies and Interests:

  • Singing and Learning Guitar
  • Reading/Studying God's Word
  • Bible Teaching
  • Skiing, Soccer, Football, Tennis, Baseball, and just about any other sport known to man
  • Traveling
  • Helping others