Our Ministry


Currently we are in Church Planting Ministry in Dublin, Ireland.  We are focused on Discipleship, Evangelism and Church "Tentmaking" is a major part of our ministry here in Dublin.  This is a very busy time with much to be accomplished for His glory. 

If your church would like us to present our ministry, speak on global missions, or share our testimony please contact us either by phone (859) 757-1263 (Vonage) or by e-mail thepeaces@abwe.cc (easiest way to reach us).  We would love to serve you as we serve our Creator.

Our ministry plans from the outset have been to work with Irish national pastors and our ABWE teammates in pioneering church planting efforts in and around the urban centers of Dublin. We have been working be working in the southern portion of Dublin with a new church plant, Ballycullen Community Church, alongside Irish national pastor Jeff Hay.  Rick also works in a chiropractic clinic (in the manner of Paul's tent-making), and has many opportunities to share his faith and we have already seen fruit from that. This has allowed us to move to the field and stay on the field in an expedited manner.  It has also eased our integration into Irish society.  We are using whatever means and contacts possible to build relationships and share the love of Jesus and his Great News with others.