Jen's Life Story...

Jen grew up in a loving Christian Home.  Jen's parents, Keith & Pat Osborn have been married 40 years.  Both of Jen's parents were elementary educators by profession. Jen's mom taught 2nd grade and her dad was a principal in Iowa.

Jen attended St. John's Methodist Church as a child and when she was  9 years old she realized that she had not lived up to God's standard and she needed a way to God.  One Sunday morning, after Sunday School, her teacher showed her that Jesus is that way.  Jesus came to earth in the form of man, as prophesied in the old testament, he lived a perfect,sinless life which he sacrificially gave up as payment for our sins. He was the Perfect Lamb of God, which takes away the sin of the world.  The salvation and payment for our sins which God offers through His Son Jesus is a free gift.  That day Jennifer accepted this free gift by believing in her heart that Jesus is the only way and trusted Him completely for salvation.  She confirmed this with a prayer, asking Jesus to come into her heart and life and become Lord. She had new life!

One year later, Jen's family moved churches to Pleasant Valley Baptist.  At P.V.B. Jen was involved throughout her high schoolyears with friends in AWANA programs and youth group. 



After graduating high school she attended Northern Michigan University. (1986-1988) There she studied fashion merchandising, hoping to become a big-time buyer for a large department store. During a break in her schooling to finance her college Jen nannied for 7 mos. in New York. She then returned to Iowa to live with parents to save more money for school.

Upon her return to Iowa she started attending Grandview Baptist Church, a sister of her P.V.B. A friend a grandview invited her to a Bible Study for Singles and College age. It was at this Bible study that she first met Rick. Rick and Jen were engaged 5 months later and married after a 1 year engagement at Grandview Baptist Church in Davenport, Iowa.

The newlywed couple lived in Davenport until Rick graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1992. After Rick's graduation, Rick and Jen moved to northern Kentucky, Rick's hometown. Rick began to practice chiropractic and the couple started attending Calvary Baptist Church.

It was at CBC that Jen realized she had never been baptized biblically so she was baptized at CBC in February, 1993. Upon the move to Kentucky, Jen worked at a local department store and did quite well. But, things changed in July, 1994 for the better. The couple had their first child, a son, Mitchell. Jen's goals changed and she prayed to be able to stay at home with Mitchell. God granted this request.

With Jen being home-based she got more involved at Calvary. Her involvement with the MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) ministry resulted in some leadership resopnsibility as hospitality coordinator for 2 yrs and Co-director for 1 yr. CBC then launched its own ministry to moms called Mom's Oasis. Jen was the inaugural coordinator/developer and continued in that capacity for 2 years. It was during this time that Rick and Jen had 2 more sons, Christian in August,1998 and Spencer in June, 2000.

Jen's servant heart and her love for moms and kids resuilted in her being asked to Coordinate Calvary's Alpha-Bits Sunday night toddler program. She directed this program until Calvary hired a staff Children's Director, who assumed this ministry. Jen also served as VBS "Snack" coordinator (5 yrs), creating and providing snacks for several hundred children during CBC's annual Vacation Bible Schools. Jen has enjoyed her Wdnesday nights while being an AWANA leader for over 8 yrs.

Jen has been faithful to Sunday School and has been involved in the Foundation Class, a class for couples in their 20's to 40's, since its inception in 1992. This class was initially taught by Mr. Richard Peace, Rick's dad.

In 2000 Rick took over teaching responsibility of the Foudation Class and Jen became the class hospitality/event coordinator. Rick and Jen's work with married couples became more indepth over the ensuing years and in 2002 the couple completed 100 hrs. training in marriage mentoring. In 2003, another addition was made to the Peace Family. On March 25, 2003 Alison Elisabeth was born to the joy of her mother and especially her father...

Currently Jen is involved with CBC's Hearts & Hands ministry, an outreach to our church's missionary family, Foundation Class Hospitality & Assimilation, AWANA leadership, and helping in Beginner B (Sunday morning program for toddlers)

Rick and Jen have hosted missionaries in their home since Mitchell was young and enthusiastically attended missions conference annually. About 8 yrs ago Dr. Michael Loftis spoke as the conference keynote speaker. It was during this conference that Jen felt called to a missions ministry.

Why now? In the summer of 2005 Pastor Curtis DeGraaff (CBC's senior pastor) delivered a sermon about letting go and trusting God. He spoke of the sacrifices he has made as a pastor, especially in relation to being so far from home for such a long time. He shared how he had to sacrifice time with his parents over the years, but that God was gracious and sufficient and God's mission is worth it. After that service, Jen felt real peace about letting go and truting God to care for her and her parents, even over long distances.

Why Ireland? Both Jen and Rick caught the vision for Ireland from former youth pastor and fellow appointee missionaries Mark and Andrea Jones. After months of prayer together God led Rick and Jen to begin taking one step at a time. Each step along the way God has opened doors and He continues to confirm this direction. God is growing the vision for Ireland. Rick and jen have shared the vision God is growing with their children and they are excited about spreading God's Light in Ireland on those ancient paths as Kid Missionaries, too.


Jen's Hobbies Include:

Bible study

Alpine Skiing


Cooking / Entertaining